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Can’t stop DynamicsAXBatch service error

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In this article, I will explain you how to resolve the can’t stop DynamicsAXBatch service error. While registering yourself through admin provisioning tool or stopping the service from Services. This article helps you to solve the problem within no time.

Admin provisioning tool is used to register the user as an administrator on the instance of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operationsfor development and customization purposes. We provide the email address (Azure AD credentials) in the tool to register the user as administrator.

Admin User Provisioning Tool Error:

  1. If the Admin User Provisioning Tool gives error that can’t stop DynamicsAxBatch.
  2. Go to the Services,
  3. Find out the service with the name: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Unified Operations: Batch Management Service
  4. Stop it.
  5. Now register with the admin provisioning tool
  6. If you are unable to stop the DynamicsAxBatch Service from services. Then do the following steps in it:
    • Run a command prompt as administrator.
    • Execute command: sc queryex [servicename]. Press Enter
      • Note:
        • Service name: DynamicsAxBatch
        • Command: sc queryex DynamicsAxBatch
    • Find out the PID from the result of the query. Write it down to use in next step
    • In the same command prompt, execute command: taskkill /f /pid [pid number]. Press Enter
      • Note:
        • Example PID: 2145
        • Command: taskkill /f /pid 2145

Now, register yourself in the Admin Provisioning Tool. It will not give error.

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