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Creating your first model in D365FO

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations needs package, model and project to start development or customization. To learn that how does it start, I have created this tutorial. In this, you will learn how to create or use existing package, how to create model and how to create project. Let’s start and follow the following steps:

  • Run visual studio as Administrator
  • Go to the Dynamics 365 > Model Management > Create model… 

  • Fill the Add parameters form > click Next 

  • Select Create New Package > click Next 


  1. Create new package will create a new and separate package. The model will be created in the newly created package. It is the extension approach of development.
  2. Select existing package will give you option to select the existing package from list in which you want to create the model. It is the overlayering approach of development.

  • Select packages you want to add in your model as reference. 
  • In your model, you have to add the references of all the packages you are going to develop using extension approach.

  • Tick the create new project option if you want to create project in newly created model.
  • Tick the make this my default model for new projects option if you want to add every new project in this model by default.
  • Click Finish. 

Congratulations! Your package, model and project is created.


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