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Get company address using x++ in D365FO

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To get company address using x++ is a two line solution. I have seen many times that developers/consultants are confused about how to get the value. Below is the picture in which I have high-lightened the field which we will get using the code.

Figure 1. Company addresses of the legal entity in D365FO

I have written the following code. You can also get this code from here. To execute and test the code, create a Class (Runnable Job) and paste the code in it. And then execute the class.

Figure 2. X++ code to get the company address

When you will execute the class, you will get the company address printed on the screen as follows:

Figure 3. X++ code mentioned in Figure 2. prints the company address

So, this is how you can get company address using x++ in D365FO. If this helps you, please Like, Comment and Share to help other people.

If you found any ambiguity or a better solution, please feel free to ask.

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