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Get date in PowerApps

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Microsoft PowerApps gives you many default function to fulfill the requirements. To get the today date in PowerApps is very easy. To do this, use the following function:

  1. Today() – It returns the current date & time.

To format the date & time value with your own format, use the Text() function as follows:

  1. Text(Today(), “mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss”) – It retrieves  the date and time in Monday/Day/Year Hour:Minutes:Seconds format and displays it as a string.
  2. Text(Today(), “mm/dd/yyyy”) – It will return the date in the format of Month/Day/Year and truncates the time.

Text can be used in other requirements as well. I will post another use of Text() function later.

Note: If you found any ambiguity, please do comment.

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