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Get on hand inventory (quantity) of an item using x++

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To get on hand inventory (quantity) of an item using x++ in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations or in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is always a headache because there is no field in the table which gives the on hand inventory. So, to tackle this issue I am sharing this function. It gets two arguments which are as follows:

  1. ItemId
  2. InventDimId

It returns on hand inventory.

public InventQtyAvailPhysical onHandInventory(ItemId _itemId, InventDimId _inventDimId)
    InventOnhand    inventOnhand;
    InventDim       inventDim = inventDim::find(_inventDimId);
    InventDimParm   inventDimParm;

    inventOnhand = InventOnhand::newParameters(_itemId, inventDim, inventDimParm);
    return inventOnhand.availPhysical();

So, this is how you can get on hand inventory (quantity) of an item using x++ in D365FO or in AX 2012. Moreover, you can also explore more functions and tricks. Don’t forget to share your code in comments.

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