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Get total debit and credit against voucher in x++

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In Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, it is really difficult to get total debit and credit against voucher of payment journal shown as follows:

Total debit and credit against voucher in D365FO
Total debit and credit against voucher

Voucher debit and credit fields on the form are not having the permanent table in back-end. Moreover, these fields are using display methods written in the data source. And, these display methods are using LedgerJournalEngine class to get these values. So, I am sharing the following code for all of you:

//Author:   Moeen Ahmed Sultan
//Email:    moeenahmedsultan@gmail.com
//Tel:      +92 321 458 9595

LedgerJournalEngine ledgerJournalEngine;
LedgerJournalTrans ledgerJournalTrans;
LedgerJournalTable  ledgerJournalTable;

select ledgerJournalTrans
     where ledgerJournalTrans.Voucher == "VOUCHER NUMBER"; //Add voucher number in the double quotes against which you want to get total debit and credit.
ledgerJournalEngine = new ledgerJournalEngine();
ledgerJournalTable = ledgerJournalTable::find(ledgerJournalTrans.JournalNum);
info(strFmt("%1 - %2", ledgerJournalEngine.voucherDebit(ledgerJournalTrans), ledgerJournalEngine.voucherCredit(ledgerJournalTrans)));

In this way you can get voucher debit and voucher credit values using x++. Moreover, if this helps you, please Like, Comment and Share to help other people.

Note: I have tested this code is tested in D365FO but not in AX 2012.

If you found any ambiguity or a better solution, please feel free to ask.

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